The power of Scent


The idea of starting Ntuka became a tangible reality in 2018. I had been searching desperately for alternative employment since the birth of my youngest child in 2013. I wanted to have control over my time, still do something equally meaningful to what I was doing previously and have the time that I needed to be able to care for my young child. So in 2017 by chance or perhaps destiny I came across an article about essential oils in a health related magazine. What I read in that article instantly became the solution. ​

I had already developed an obsession for essential oils by this time. An instant attraction that would become part of my everyday life. That article​ really shifted something in me. I felt a deep sense of connection and knew straight away that I had found what I had been looking for. I knew then that a door had opened for me that was never going to close. ​Months of research followed and one of the things that really stood out and stuck with me was the significance of scent in aromatherapy practice.

The idea that aromatic oils can be utilised as a tool to address skin related issues, to enhance and promote healthy looking skin as well as being used as a tool to influence one's mood and therefore improving their overall general well-being was a concept that really intrigued me and still fascinates me to this day. 

So armed with what I discovered in texts, books etc, I decided to start experimenting and observing. I bought lots of different oils over a period of time, created different oil blends and shared them with my family and friends. The results were really positive. Thereafter came the big question! How was I going to work with these oils in a way that would allow me to share their magic that I was discovering with more people? So skin care became the feasible option. With time, I felt empowered to derail my fear of everything new and unknown and went on to build Ntuka, currently a tiny operation that will certainly grow and flourish when the time is right.

I speak from the heart when I say the following:

Natural botanicals, particularly plant oils alongside aromatic oils, praised for their therapeutic sensory benefits, have proved to be a complete transformational experience for me over the past few years. A non- fussy nurturing approach to skin care that is really a joy to have as part of my every day self care practice and one that I look forward to every single morning and night.

So simply put, the aim of Ntuka is really to create and share uncomplicated but really good quality oil based blends that have the potential to offer us much more than topical nourishment. Improving the health of our skin long-term for the better and making us feel good at the same time.

I do hope that reading this, gives you a little understanding of what Ntuka aims to achieve. So next time you pick up a Ntuka blend to nourish your skin, observe how it makes you feel. Does it make you feel happy, calm, soothed or does it remind you of a place, a particular moment etc and above all, It is my wish that your experience with  any of the Ntuka blends is a joyful one!

I thank you all for taking the time to read this and I do hope that you and Ntuka will together go on to build a supportive and healthy relationship for years to come.

Binkie  - founder