Aromatic rhassoul clay & neroli bath blend -  200G

Aromatic rhassoul clay & neroli bath blend - 200G




A  refreshing bath blend with a lovely earthy colour and light texture. Naturally perfumed with the same aromatic oils found in the much loved Baobab & Neroli blend. 



How to use:

Enjoy a fragrant soak by sprinkling a handful into a comfortably hot bath in the evening before bed to relieve fatigue and encourage relaxation and calmness. You can also massage it all over the body and the feet area to remove, sweat, dirt and dry flaky skin.


  • Please use as advised. Stop using it if irritates your skin and contact Ntuka as soon as you can.



Product safety:

Please keep the jar away from direct light and heat and store tightly closed away from children and pets.


Stored in dark luxurious "UNIQUE BIOPHOTONIC GLASS" also known as miron violet glass. Miron glass is documented to be the only currently known glass that is capable of effectively preserving and enhancing the properties of its contents for a prolonged period of time. Keeping them fresh and potent.